Welcome to Old School Reunion – An Event in which Old School European meets Nostalgic JDM

I’m Mike Tolliver – I love cars and being an enthusiast. I enjoy classic cars from all brands but the PNW was lacking in what I wanted to see and how I wanted to see it. I’m a huge water-cooled Volkswagen guy, I have several but I also liked the classic lines of Datsun and others. So, I thought an afternoon of great classic nostalgic cars and car talk would be perfect.

On a sunny day in June back in 2008 we had our first show and it was great, few hundred cars, green grass and a warm day. I wandered around looking at classic rabbits, looked at a classic Volvo rally car from the 60’s, talked to a lots of folks about this or that on  their cars. Really, it could not have been better. Cars came and went, but we all had a bond with the cars we brought.

This is an all day fan fest of crazy European meets Nostalgic JDM. Talk with good friends, make new friends, learn about a new rare car. This event, you can bring your mini BBQ and hang out all day!