#letshelpeachother¬†Tickets –>¬†thefoat.com/817037

– READ the next emails CAREFULLY – how you arrive is different this year

– Volunteers – We need a DOZEN cool people to help with parking and entry – email Mike@happenstanceevents.com

– Use Target as a meeting point – its few blocks away with a large parking lot.

– Tents – I know people love them but Id love a drone shot of the show for marketing without them in the center of my show. Use the outside of rows or the show itself.

– Grills – small propane is cool , NO CHARCOAL – making food for you and crew is cool , no selling !

– Drinks – if I don’t see it – I can’t take it away – Drinking and driving isn’t cool

Tickets –>¬†thefoat.com/817037
9:30 AM VIP Package Holders Arrive and Park
10:30 AM Regular Car Show Arrive and Park


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